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Standard Process' Purification Program - Cleanse Your Body with Natural Supplements and Whole Foods


If you feel like your life is in a rut, whether it’s lack of energy, illness, negative thoughts, or frankly anything else that keeps you from moving forward, you could benefit from a purification program. Maybe you’re eating habits have gotten off track – too much added sugar, fat, sodium, in short, too many packaged foods.

Take a step back and decide if you need a detox or a purification program. Earlier this month we talked about detoxing, removing toxic and unwanted substances from the body. Detoxing is a bit more intense than purification. Standard Process has a Detox Program and a Purification Program. Today we discuss purification.

What is Purification?

Purification takes place when you separate a substance, in this case toxins from our food and environment, into its basic components so the body can remove them on its own. Purification nourishes the body, instead of starving it, to aid in normal toxin removal. The other reason to select a purification program is to eliminate negative/toxic foods from your diet and work toward eating more whole food. The best way to start your journey to a healthy diet and lifestyle is to begin by eliminating any foods that you already know your body does not tolerate well.

Standard Process 21-day Purification Program

Standard Process has a very effective 21-day Purification Program. Not only does it cleanse the body, it’s also easy to follow and puts the focus on learning healthier lifestyle habits with long-term sustainability as the goal. 

The 21-day program is designed to purify, nourish, and help you maintain a healthy body weight. It’s easy to follow. Eat whole foods, exercise, drink lots of water and nutritious shakes. Finally, take the appropriate Standard Process supplements. They’re made with whole foods and other natural ingredients.

Days 1 through 10, you can eat an array of fresh vegetables and fruits. On day 11, select proteins are added. Each kit contains all the supplements you’ll need for the 3 week period to boost your body’s ability to flush out the broken down toxins.

What’s in the Kit?

Each of the kits contain the following products:

SP Cleanse® is made up of 20 unique whole food and botanical ingredients designed to support the body's normal toxin-removal processes by:

  • encouraging healthy digestive function
  • supporting kidney, liver, and gallbladder function*
  • supporting the body's natural toxin-elimination function*

SP Complete® is available in several choices. This link goes to the unflavored product, but you can also choose: Dairy-Free, Chocolate, or Vanilla. Regardless of flavor, each product provides whole food nutrition and protein including essential amino acids in a convenient powder form to support your body during and after purification.* 

SP Complete has multiple benefits:

  • Excellent source of protein and provides essential amino acids
  • Good source of dietary fiber, choline, and calcium
  • Supports intestinal, muscular, and immune system health*
  • Contains antioxidant ingredients
  • Supports healthy liver function and the body's normal toxin-elimination function*
  • Supports a healthy weight when combined with a healthy lifestyle*

Choose 2 bottles of Whole Food Fiber:

  • Contain both soluble and insoluble fiber
  • Support healthy bowel function by promoting regular intestinal motility and elimination*
  • Supports healthy epithelial cells in the bowel*
  • Provides food for beneficial microorganisms in the lower gastrointestinal (GI) tract*
  • Adequate fiber consumption helps maintain blood sugar levels that are already within normal range

Or choose two bottles of Gastro-Fiber®, a mixture of fiber sources including apple pectin and psyllium husk. It also includes Collinsonia root, which has been used historically to support normal elimination and digestive and gastro-health*

SP Green Food® includes organic whole food-based sources of alfalfa, Brussels sprouts, and kale to provide phytonutrients to promote healthy liver function* and support overall cellular health.*

There is a Patient Purification Program Guide included free in each kit. This guide will walk you through each step of the program with sections on how to prepare for purification, program basics, FAQs and even recipes.

Standard Process offers eight purification product kits based on your preferred protein and fiber choices. Supplement quantities are sufficient to cover or exceed the 21-day program.

Dr. Robert Powell, The “Wholefood Guru”

At Wholefood Guru, we strive to provide the most up-to-date clinical information on improving health through whole food supplementation, diet, and lifestyle modifications. Wholefood Guru is an authorized online distributor of Standard Process health products.


 *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.

This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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