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Boost Your Immune System Before Cold & Flu Season Hits

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As the sun disappears more quickly and the cool air begins to stick around, your body will start to lose key nutrients that come naturally in the summertime. This is when the common cold and other illnesses begin to takeover.

So how do you prepare for cold and flu season? Aside from washing your hands and staying away from those who are already sick, you should consider taking supplements to boost your immune system.

Supplements for a Healthy Immune System

Brought to you by Standard Process, the following supplements are designed to help you maintain a healthy immune system all year round:


For overall support, this supplement contains ribonucleic acid (which is used for protein synthesis) and antioxidant vitamin A. This supplement also comes in a chewable form.

Epimune Complex

This supplement is a vegan immune system support supplement that also supports respiratory health and healthy white blood count. It also contains zinc and vitamin C.


If you’re looking for a daily supplement, this one contains zinc, iron, copper, chromium, folate, as well as various vitamins and antioxidant vitamins. This supplement also provides selenium.

Cataplex® C

Along with immune support, this supplement also supports bone, skin and connective tissue health.

Echinacea Premium

To enhance your immune system function, this is a combination of roots of Echinacea purpurea and Echinacea angustifolia. This supplement can also relieve a dry or hoarse throat and support the upper respiratory tract.

Sinus Forte

These herbs support your nose, healthy breathing passages and outer ocular health.

Astragalus Complex

Containing Astragalus, Eleuthero and Echinacea purpurea root, these herbs focus on adaptogenic immune system support.

Your Guru Throughout Cold and Flu Season

No one likes to get sick, so get your body ready before flu and cold season sets in. Talk to your doctor about Standard Process supplements to help your immune system or browse through our available immune system health products today!



Dr. Robert Powell, The “Wholefood Guru”

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