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"The best source of vitamins and minerals are found in whole food"

“The best sources of vitamins and minerals are found in whole foods” Dr Royal Lee, founder of Standard Process circa 1934.

Vitamins and minerals are as essential for living as air and water. Not only do they keep your body healthy and functional, they protect you from a variety of diseases.

Vitamins and minerals get thrown together, but they are quite different. Vitamins are organic substances produced by plants or animals. They often are called "essential" because they are not synthesized in the body (except for vitamin D) and therefore must come from food.

Minerals are inorganic elements that originate from rocks, soil or water. However, you can absorb them indirectly from the environment or an animal that has eaten a particular plant.

Almost half of Americans take vitamins, which adds up to almost 32 billion dollars a year. Most of what is purchased are typically multivitamins and  multiminerals. Unfortunately, there is very little evidence that support their value because they are synthetic vitamins.

Food is essential for life. However, man-made, food-like material is not the same. Foods by definition are substances that support life unlike highly processed foods that contain little or no value.  

Foods that is grown on organic soils typically have a much higher nutrient yield than conventional soils, according to Rutgers university. To get more of minerals and vitamins that we need, choose organic foods whenever possible.     

Remember, you are what you eat! So, choose foods like fresh vegetables, fruits, meats, fish, fowl, nuts, seeds, seafood and your smallest group, whole grains. 


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