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Seven Athletic Supplements to Support Your New Year's Resolution

7 Athletic Supplements to Support Your New Year's Resolution

Whether you're a twice-a-day gym rat or are are working on a regular exercise routine to get back to a healthy weight, adding athletic supplements to your day may help maintain your athletic abilities as you work on your healthy New Year's resolution.

Standard Process Athlete Support Supplements

As you continue working on your healthy resolution, take a look at these Standard Process supplements and determine which one, or combination, may work best for your goals.

  1. Rhodiola & Ginseng Complex
    This tonic of herbs is designed to help enhance your body's stamina and vitality.

  2. Cellular Vitality
    This supplement not only supports your body's cellular processes and antioxidant activity, but also protects cells from free radicals.

  3. Veg-E Complete Pro™ Chocolate
    As a plant-based protein, this powder supports a variety of areas, including: muscle building and recovery, energy levels, satiety and fullness, and more.

  4. Veg-E Complete Pro™ Vanilla
    The same supplement as above, just in a vanilla flavor.

  5. SP Complete®
    This supplement focuses on supporting healthy liver function, muscle growth and repair, as well as intestinal and immune system health.

  6. Protefood®
    Bringing support on a cellular level, this supplement is a good source of choline, calcium, vitamin C and amino acid lysine.

  7. Whey Pro Complete
    This whey protein powder contains insulin with prebiotic effects, colostrum for GI-based immunes system support and is a great source of protein.

    Your Guru for Athlete Support

    Don't try to get through your resolution on working out alone. Consider adding Standard Process vitamins for athletes to your routine. Learn more about which supplements may work best for you by talking to your doctor or browsing through our available athlete support products today.



    Dr. Robert Powell, The “Wholefood Guru” 

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