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How to Avoid Gastrointestinal (GI) Discomfort This Holiday Season

group avoiding gastrointestinal discomfort during holiday meal 

Ham, rolls, carrots, and – of course – desserts. Not only are the holidays a time to reflect and remember how grateful we are, but it is also a time to enjoy large, delicious feasts. 

Food can affect everyone’s gastrointestinal system differently, which is why Wholefood Guru offers Standard Process supplements and vitamins to help with your digestive health. 

Supplements to Help with Digestion 

From protein digestion and bowel regularity to gallbladder function and intestinal pH, Standard Process carries a variety of products to help with digestion distress. 

Okra Pepsin E3

  • This supplement supports the function of the gastrointestinal tract and protein digestion.
  •  For everyday microbial support, this supplement supports a healthy gut, normal bowel movements and the immune system.
Spanish Black Radish
  •  This supplement encourages a healthy digestion, designed for liver support and toxin elimination.

Zymex® Capsules

  •  For a the intestinal tract, this supplement promotes a healthy pH range.

Zymex® II

  • And for those that are acid-sensitive, these enzymes not only help with digestive support but also the natural inflammatory response function.
Your Guru for Gastrointestinal Health 

Don’t let good food ruin your holiday! Consider adding Standard Process vitamins and supplements to your shopping list to help your gastrointestinal health this holiday season and talk to your GI doctor today.  



Dr. Robert Powell, The “Wholefood Guru” 

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