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Fever is a built-in mechanism of repair. The muscles around the bones become warm in order to leach ionized calcium from the bones and free the calcium where it is needed to activate white blood cells. 

Parents frequently panic over the thought of seizures called febrile convulsions, that sometimes can occur with sudden high fever in children. When febrile convulsions occur, it means the muscle twitches from the fever, this is caused by “hypocalcemic tetany”, muscle twitching resulting from low blood calcium. These muscle twitching do not cause brain damage and do not lead to epilepsy. 

The biochemistry of inflammation and repair requires increased ionized calcium for increased phagocytes (the white blood cells that engulf foreign or dead particles) to carry out their function and is dependent on the available calcium in these cells. 

Although fever is a purposeful process to release stored calcium from the bones, it is better to supply calcium in the diet rather than withdrawing from the bones.

Some non-dairy sources of calcium to include in your diet are, dark leafy greens, beans and lentils, almonds, edamame and figs. 

In supplement form, calcium lactate is regarded as a good source of ionizable calcium to utilize in overcoming and/or preventing calcium deficits and thus fever and febrile seizures. 

As with any health condition, consult your healthcare practitioner. 

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