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What is an enzyme? 

Enzymes are a type of protein that help to digest, absorb, transport, metabolize and eliminate waste. One of the most important jobs of enzymes is to digest food, making it so small that it can pass through the minute openings of the intestines into the bloodstream. 

Enzymes  speed up the rate of chemical reaction to help support life. The enzymes in your body perform very important tasks such as, building muscles, destroying toxins, aid with digestion, boost metabolism and help slow the aging process. There are approximately 1,300 different enzymes in the human body. 

Enzymes are heat sensitive, so cooking foods over 118 F. destroys these vital enzymes. This includes cooking, baking, frying and microwaving. This is why it is important to eat more raw, lightly steamed or sautéed vegetables as well as fresh fruits. 

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