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Cleanse Your Lungs

Cleanse Your Lungs 

Your lungs do more than extract oxygen from the air you breathe. They also remove toxic wastes, including carbon dioxide, that are produced by your body’s normal metabolism and carried in your blood. 

Breathing exercises- 

Shallow or poor breathing can contribute to many disorders. We need to learn to breathe deeply, and from the abdomen rather than from the chest, which produces short and shallow breathing. Learning this technique helps one to breathe in  more oxygen, which then passes through the lungs and is absorbed into the bloodstream and into our bodies. Oxygen is needed for cellular respiration, cell metabolism, and proper brain function. 

If you breathe too shallowly, the body cannot eliminate sufficient carbon dioxide for good health. Proper breathing technique increases lung capacity, increases energy levels, speeds up the healing process of many disorders, and helps relieve anxiety, asthma symptoms, insomnia and stress. 

To practice deep breathing, try the following-

Slowly breathe in through your nose and from your abdomen as deeply as you can and hold the breath for a count of 10. 

Place your tongue between your front teeth and the roof of your mouth. Slowly breathe out from your mouth. 

Try to do this for five minutes three times daily. Choose an environment with fresh air when doing this exercise, not in a place with a lot of traffic or air pollution. 

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