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Choosing Your Water

Choosing your drinking water 

Tap Water 

Most tap water comes from surface reservoirs formed from rivers, streams and lakes.The water from these sources goes through local treatment plants, many of which use a very old process of settling tanks, gravel, and then chemicals to clean up the water for human consumption. Yet this process does not clear all environmental pollutants that can contaminate our water supply.  There was one study that even found pharmaceutical medications in treated tap water. 

Spring Water 

This is the “natural” water found in the surface or underground springs. This water tastes very different from tap water and is typically quite refreshing. However, spring water can also be polluted and contaminated depending on where the springs are in relation to farms or factories that use pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and various solvents. It is a good idea to have spring water checked out or get a full report or summaries of tests from the company selling spring water.  

Reverse Osmosis (RO)

Thought to be one of the best sources of water. RO systems push water (typically tap) through a semipermeable membrane that allows the water molecule to pass through while rejecting the larger inorganic and organic materials. RO systems are extremely good at removing dissolved solids, lead, organic chemicals and other heavy metals. 

Distilled Water 

The distillation process involves vaporizing water in one chamber and then condensing it once again into a liquid in a separate chamber. At this point distilled water is pure H20 and is 99.9% free of any contaminants, chemicals, heavy metals, and all dissolved solids. The distillation process also kills any bacteria or viruses that may be present in the water. Distilled water also contains no minerals, however minerals found in foods are more bioavailable to the body than those found in water.   

No matter what type of water you choose, the goal is to consume about half your body weight in ounces of water each day. 

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